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Why is our Affiliate Program Different?

Lifetime Affiliates:
Once an affiliate is “tied” to a member’s account, that association is forever. And the member now forever belongs to this affiliate. So any future purchases made by this same member (using same account-Email Address) will always result in commissions being credited to the same original affiliate, regardless of which other affiliate’s id they click on before making a purchase or any other link they click to get to the site -even a direct url input. See example below.

  • Affiliate John refers customer Mary
  • Mary buys, John gets affiliate commission
  • A while (days, months or years) later, Mary clicks on a different affiliate link belonging to Paul
  • Mary buys another product from your web site using the same email id as before
  • John will still get the commission for the new product that Mary just bought, because John is the lifetime affiliate for Mary.
  • So no matter how many times Mary makes a purchase, regardless of which affiliate link she used (even her own), John will get the commission every time, for life.

Example 2 – sending customer to paid product:

  • You send Ruth over to our site via your affiliate link.
  • Ruth buys that product – you get commission
  • 6 months later Ruth buys another product via our follow-up message – you get commission even though you did nothing.

Example 3- sending customer to Free Product:

  • You send George to our free products via your Affiliate link.
  • George signs up for the free product.
  • 2 months later George sees one of our paid products via an email or in the recommended area of the VIP Members Area  and buys – You get the commission.

So for example: we email all members to announce a new product – and they buy – you will get the commission…how good is that. 

Just sending visitors over to our site via your affiliate link could result in a lifetime of commissions….as long as they sign up for at least one product- free or paid!

We have a super ROBUST members area with links,banners,swipe copy the sales process offers visitors the opportunity to purchase directly from the sales page.

What does this mean to me?

This means that the visitors you invite to the Spark Blogger sales pages will be treated with respect and VALUE. There is a high likelihood that they will purchase one of our products! When they purchase, YOU will earn a commission, each and every time!

You get a massive 50% commission on all sales of Sparks Graphics  Products . All you need is your Affiliate links. If you don’t have one you can get one free  entering your Name and Email below.

Now that you have your Affiliate ID you can easily get all your affiliate tools customized!  We’ve made it so simple for you so that all you have to do is copy, paste, promote and earn!

How and when do I get paid?

We process all affiliate tracking and will send you  money to your PayPal Account twice a month. To check your stats you just need to log-in into your affiliate account.

How do I promote?

The goal is to get as many people to click on your affiliate link as possible. (Without spamming or black hat tactics)

You may promote this product on any reputable sites of your choice, but I can highly recommend you check out for promoting our products and any other products you wish to promote.

I have made it a complete “No-Brainer” by supplying you with everything you need below. These are pre-written emails, blog posts, and even graphics that you can use on your websites!

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